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Old Federal Campground

We had a teasing first view of Old Federal Campground back in April when we saw RVs camped on a peninsula jutting out into Lake Lanier while were were visiting the adjacent Lake Lanier sailing club. When we returned home, I made reservations for the US Army Corps of Engineer’s Old Federal Campground for the last two weeks in September. As with most Federal or State campgrounds, there is a fourteen day limit for stays. Old Federal is one of their most popular campgrounds and few sites go unreserved, even during weekdays. Getting one of the few sites at the end of the first peninsula means reserve early.

Using the map available on, I picked the spot I saw from the sailing club. The site is completely surrounded by water, but there is only morning shade. From noon until sunset, the site is in full sun. It really wasn’t a problem for us even though the average temperatures ran 8 to 9 degrees above average while we were there. We had to make several trips to nearby Oakw…

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