Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Reflections - Trials, Tribulations, and Thank You's

As my wife and I sat in the Sarah Stewart Bovard Memorial Library in Tionesta, Pennsylvania, waiting for the UPS delivery that would hopefully bring my new power converter, we had time to reflect on our stay here.  Last night, for instance, was the first time in years we have seen the Milky Way.  

The sky was absolutely clear and cloudless and the lack of light from anywhere else brought the stars out as bright as we have seen in years. At 11:00pm, the campground was still filled with the laughter of children being allowed to stay up past their bedtimes, and the wispy smell of dying campfires.  Score one for camping.

Something else really unique occurred to us as we walked over the triple-arched concrete bridge over Tionesta Creek.  We cross the bridge at least three times a day while walking the campsite or to town.  No trash!  Never any plastic bottles or McDonald's wrappers, no bags, no cardboard boxes,or any other kind of refuse is ever seen anywhere here.  The river and the banks are clean, and so is the town and its surroundings.  We've never seen any trash alongside the road or especially in the water.  Score more than one for Tionesta.

It is now 11:15am and the UPS driver just brought in our new power supply.  We wholeheartedly thank Head Librarian Brenda and Librarian Dawn, and really appreciate their help in helping us solve a tricky problem.  Score a whole bunch for the Sarah Stewart Bovard Memorial Library in Tionesta. 

Now, back to the campground and get out the toolkit. Let's see how hard it is to replace this unit.

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