Sunday, August 18, 2013

Richard B. Russell State Park - Alone, at Last!

Richard B. Russell State Park
For the first time in our relatively short history of camping, we are alone. Except for the camp hosts somewhere up the hill, we are the only campers in the Richard Russell State Park campground! There is a huge group of Indian families having a rather boisterous get together at a pavilion not far from us, which adds to the oddity of the situation. Hearing Hindi music drift across a lake in rural northeastern Georgia is as incongruous as listening to Randy Travis at a square dance in Mumbai. They'll be gone as evening falls, and then we'll have the entire campground to ourselves. They are probably the medical staff and their families from all the local hospitals and pharmacies. They are the only ones over there, and we are the only ones here. They are obviously having a good time. How unique can it get.

And, it quit raining! It is still overcast though, and comfortably warm.

I wondered whatever happened to our old Cikira... Oh, no, that's not it!

This park has a rather well-known golf course, although today there are no golfers. There are only two boat trailers on the four slot mega-boat ramp, which was put in for the 1996 Olympics. There is a plaque on another boat ramp identifying the lake as an official rowing training site for the 1996 Olympics. 

The park is manicured and well taken care of. The roadways are mowed and the camp pads are clean, wide, and in the style of all Georgia state parks, open to first come, first served. On line reservations only confirm the number of campers, so you pick your site from what's available when you get here. If 28 people register, the campground is full and reservations are closed. Individual campsites can not be reserved. Since we got to pick from 26 sites when we got here, we believe we have the best site in the campground!

The Richard Russell State park gets high marks from us. Even though the shower and toilet facilities are old, they are spotlessly clean. A note on the wall has the contact for the camp hosts in case of problems. If the toilets get messed up today, though, I'm sure we'll be prime suspects.  

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